My Part in the Big Picture

I like the saying of ‘This too shall pass’ and it always does. I have spent many years not knowing who I really was and I spent a longtime in a dark place not of my making. Masks and demons but as with everything there came a time for a break and this break very nearly broke me but in time it passed and I became the man I should have been many years previously. Change at it’s best and always worth the angst. My gratitude is for a journey to hell and back. I stood on the edge of an abyss and fell, my journey back to the top taught me a lot about life and I am grateful for the change I went through.


Now that change has begun again by me taking a stand to be the change I want to see. I am stepping up and out to encourage other men to break their own silence, to come forward and seek out support.


  • LWE

    If you want something so much then you will do whatever it takes to attain it. If you put off then you need to look at how much you are being real and how much is just hot air. Keep going around in circles and you just get nowhere. Break the circle of indecision and make the changes that really work and whilst painful will move you on to where you want to be. Love the ride of your life!!

  • LWE

    This is all about being self aware and authentic. You must be honest enough that you can strip yourself bare and look at what works for you and what works against you. Once again it is about knowing yourself and growing from there. I am an advocate of the one minute manager and such like books. We must look inward at ourself and accept that we are human and not perfect, once we know who we really are then we can walk with our head up high. Our life and how we view the world is our choice alone and no-one elses. Do not waste time thinking about what other people think because they have their own stuff as we do. look inward and love who you are warts n all. Life will look after itself, it always does. ;-)